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Commercial and Public Radio

ControlReady for Windows has all the major features that commercial and public radio stations require. Full GPI logic input and output triggering, RS-232 command structures for communicating with outboard switchers and digital air consoles, background recording and simultaneous record/play time-shift are all supported.

Music and satellite networks are easily supported. System can run as a stand-alone client or it can run off a central server with multiple workstations and stations on a LAN. Voice tracking, overlapping, a powerful live-assist screen that makes it possible to live-assist the running automation system are also included.

Automatic importing of commercial and music logs, automatic merging, autofill, dynamic last second autofilling, hot loading (change a live RUNNING log from a remote machine on a LAN without tying up the air system), full support for standard WAV files is also included.

Time correction, powerful IF/ELSE logic, file checking, LAN synchronizing and backup are also included. Infinite walkaway is supported with log chaining features. A run log/confirmation log included. End time cumulative time display makes it easy for stations to quickly manually schedule or make on-the-fly changes after importing their logs. End times are accurate and include overlap times in the calculations.

We can assist building and converting music libraries and converting libraries from legacy system. Logs can be edited while they are running without shutting down the system.

Works on customer supplied equipment and we can also supply turnkey built hot swap RAID rack systems that have hundreds of GB of storage for pure-sounding UNCOMPRESSED storage, which is critical when you want to be the best sounding station in your market.

FTP support for automatic FTP upload/download, automatic emailing and ftp'ng of audio files (podcasting) and web publishing fully supported as well.

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