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Refurbished Systems

Because WebReady and our other products are written very efficiently and have such low processor demands - WireReady offers PIII 256MB 450 Mhz refurbished Compaq Deskpro desktop computers for as low as $250 per unit.

They have 2 com, par, USB, a keyboard and monitor. They come with licensed with XP home edition (unless PRO is ordered at additional cost), a sound card, new 10/100 NIC and our software ready-to-go. We can install new OR large hard-drives (up to 120GB) in these models for a small fee also. We can use these machines for user positions, capture stations, even as simple servers in small newsrooms. If you need a stand-alone computer where you will do everything from one computer, this machine can certainly handle basic tasks nicely. If you have a limited budget, consider these machines, as we back them like new with 1 year warranties. We can build a 3 position newsroom/web publishing system with a capture station and server for under $1500 in hardware, plus the cost of our software.


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