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ControlReady works for Satellite Music, Satellite News/Talk, and Music on Hard-drive or any combination of the three depending on the format of the station. Unlike other companies, we don't break our product into dozens of options, or a handful of different programs you have to buy to get all the functionality you want. Because there are minor differences in things like audio switchers and sound card recommendations for music on hard-drive vs a satellite, we have the following packages below. The features are identical, it's just a matter of the accessories that are included with the computer (like an audio switcher) that vary based on your needs.

When you have a ControlReady system in Production you can:

  • Do all the editing, production you like without worrying about what is on the air system
  • Transfer everything you do on Production to on-air automatically
  • Run the station from the Production computer in an emergency because playlists, logs and the like from onair are backed up to Production
  • Voice Track in Production without tying up the air studio

ControlReady Prices:
Satellite Music Air System $7,995.00 COMPLETE
  • ControlReady Software
  • Rack Mount or Tower Case Intel Core i7 3.4Ghz 16GB RAM system
  • MIRRORED hot swap SATA 2TB Drive System with HotSpare (hardware RAID)
    (With mirrored drives - your data isn't lost if a drive fails)
    (With hot swap drives - you can replace a drive without shutting system down)
  • 22" Flat Panel Monitor, keyboard, mouse
  • 4 stereo in, 4 stereo out audio card configuration
  • Broadcast Tools SS 4.4 Switcher Router
  • MOTU 828mk3 Professional Audio Interface Appliance - 5 analog stereo out, 5 analog stereo in, 8 ADAT stereo mix tracks digitally routable thru analogs - includes firewire card.
  • SETUP & TRAINING - we'll program your logs, and setup your interface to import your traffic log.
  • THREE Year Warranty on All Hardware
  • THREE YEARS of 800 Support and Free Upgrades
Don't be fooled by companies that charge lower prices, but don't include setup, training and 3 years warranty and support for your investment. If you add up what they charge for setup, training and annual support - you'll find we can save you big $$$$.

Upgrade to 16 channel switcher - $700
Upgrade from M-F Daytime 800 support to 24/7/365 including holidays - $1500

Satellite News/Talk System $7,995.00 Complete
Same as satellite music system

News/Talk Options:
Upgrade to 16 channel switcher - $700
Ball Game Remote/Phone Hybrid - $500

Music On Hard-Drive System $7,995.00 Complete
Same as satellite music system. In place of audio switcher, we include CD Ripping Program (rips music off of music CDs)
  • Help setting up your music library or importing a 3rd party purchased library
  • Help converting files from another automation system (compatibility varies from vendor to vendor)
  • Setup help also includes setting up our automated music scheduler, or setting our system up to read logs from your 3rd party music scheduling system

Production and Backup: Buy a 2nd system at HALF PRICE
Many stations buy two air systems and use air system for production and backup. If you buy a 2nd system for production/backup use - the cost is only $3,495. You get the same computer system, sound cards, software plus Goldwave Digital Editing Software (we also work with many other editing programs like CoolEdit, Audition, SoundForge, etc which you can install on the production computer as well).

Downgrade to 1 year of warranty and 1 year of included support instead of 3 & Save $1500. After your free support/upgrade period ends, you can renew support and upgrades for as little as $795/year. If you want to save cash, save $1500, and then only renew our support and upgrade program a year later depending on whether you feel you need our help desk support.

If you don't want to buy a hot swap, mirrored workstation with all the trimmings from us - and already have a production computer, we'll give you a 2nd copy of our ControlReady software for FREE - which you can install on your own production computer for backup and production use.

These are all suggested packages. Call for a customized quote that can include or exclude any components you don't need. You can also buy just the ControlReady software if you already have your own computers. ControlReady software is sold separately from $495 for academic use, from $995 for internet/LPFM broadcast use, from $1495 for small market broadcast use and $2995 for major market and radio network use.

We also offer site licensing for multiple station facilities and groups. With site licenses per studio, cost can drop below $995 per studio.

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