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Audio Switchers/Routers

While WireReady can be programmed to switch audio and/or control relays via our programmable CUSTOM command system (RS-232/422/485 ASCII and HEX based protocols), we STRONGLY recommend the Broadcast Tools line of switchers for simple AM/FM stand-alone applications. For larger network facilities, we also recommend and support enterprise level routers and console logic such as SAS.

Broadcast Tools makes a line of switchers scaled to your needs with different input/output configurations. Most stations only need 2 outputs - one for on-air, and one for autorecording. If you need more than one thing being autorecorded and you want it going through a router (as opposed to dedicating specific sound cards just for that channel), go with a 4 output switcher. The number of inputs determines how many audio channels the computer can switch. Our Windows versions can support up to 4 switchers connected to the same computer so if you ever fill up a switcher, you can simply stack another one on.

SS 4.4 (replaces the SS 4.2)     $499
Matrix audio switching of four stereo inputs to 4 stereo outputs, 16 Trigger(PIP)inputs, four GPO- open collectors and four SPDT relays and more.
BT SS 4.4 web page

ACS 8.2 Plus    $879
Matrix audio switching of 8 stereo inputs to 2 stereo plus 2 mono outputs, 16 input GPI port (PIP or Remote Control) with LED indicators, 8 SPDT relay outputs, and more
BT ACS 8.2 plus web page

SS 16.4   $1099
Matrix audio switching of 16 stereo inputs to 4 stereo plus 4 monaural outputs, 4 input GPI port (PIP) with LED indicators, 8 SPST relay outputs, and more.
BT SS 16.4 web page

Please note: The above switchers include BUILT IN GPI relay logic for detecting triggers from your satellite receivers, consoles or wired push button "Remotes." You do not need to purchase a separate GPI device if using one of the above switchers with our 2000/XP based automation software. Control of the switcher is via a single RS-232 (or USB with separately sold adapter) from the onair computer running our software. Switchers also provide operator manual override buttons on the front panel for manual control.

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