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Powerful File Transferring Capabilities Explained

MpegReady can be configured to monitor certain folders on your computer's hard-drive so that the second you save any file from ANY 3rd party software program, the files are automatically transferred/distributed to one or more folders on other computers or your FTP server in one or more formats.

TXT and non audio files are just moved and distributed as is - automatically. Audio files can be automatically compressed in one or more formats. For example, high compression MP3 for a folder used on your web site, and linear or very low compression for CD quality sends between stations.

In the same way that MpegReady can "upload" files from your computer up to your web site, it can be watching specific folders on your FTP site and pulling down files back to your computer as they arrive. And just as we encode, we can also decode. So if someone is sending you an mp3 file - but you prefer it as WAV - we can decode it automatically.

Here is a simple example:

Imagine a 5-station group where each station has these folders on their C drive:


Anytime any station saves a file to their WABC folder, these files will be automatically uploaded to WABC's FTP folder on your FTP site. Because WABC's system is configured to download FROM the WABC folder on the FTP site - anything anyone saves to their WABC folder gets moved to WABC's actual folder on WABC's computer. This works the same for everyone else.

Let's assume the ALL STATIONS folder has been configured to move to everyone's folder. So anytime a station saves to the ALL STATIONs folder - MpegReady sends a copy of that file (or compressed version, etc) of that file(s) to every stations' folder on the FTP server so they all get it.

In effect, MpegReady creates a VPN without the chore of maintaining a VPN system and because it runs in the background and requires no keystrokes. Station personnel spend ZERO time and energy sharing their work.

MpegReady can also be configured to run at only certain times via Windows Task Scheduler. Let's say you don't want files being moved during the day the second files are saved - but rather you want these files staged so that transfers only occur at certain times of the day. The MpegReady program can be setup to check these folders only once - and at certain times of the day with Windows Scheduler. So if you only want the files sent at night - the program will startup and terminate automatically at the end of the day to move your files.

MpegReady is a tiny subset function of our more powerful WebReady system. If you ever want us to modify actual web pages, HTML, XML, RSS or the like - you can upgrade to the WebReady license and unlock even more capabilities in this program.

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