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Broadcast Tools serial controlled switchers

If you will be setting up a capture station to autorecord satellite-fed audio products or wish us to autorecord other sources - our software is compatible with the SS and ACS switchers from Broadcast Tools. These switchers give us the ability to source select live-fed or autorecorded feeds into the computer (assuming you don't have a dedicated sound card input for each source).

With a switcher, we can route multiple sources as needed into one or more sound card inputs. These switchers also provide relay inputs so we can record and stop based on triggers and closures from satellite receivers buttons, or microphone circuit relays.

Note: Multi-source triggered autorecordings may require the ControlReady or AircheckReady software in addition to NewsReady.

SS 4.2     $379
Matrix audio switching of 4 stereo inputs to 2 stereo plus 2 mono outputs, 16 input GPI port (PIP) with LED indicators, 4 SPST relay outputs, and more.
BT SS 4.2 web page

ACS 8.2 Plus    $879
Matrix audio switching of 8 stereo inputs to 2 stereo plus 2 mono outputs, 16 input GPI port (PIP or Remote Control) with LED indicators, 8 SPDT relay outputs, and more
BT ACS 8.2 plus web page

SS 16.4   $1099
Matrix audio switching of 16 stereo inputs to 4 stereo plus 4 monaural outputs, 4 input GPI port (PIP) with LED indicators, 8 SPST relay outputs, and more.
BT SS 16.4 web page

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