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Typical Applications of NewsReady32

Single User Broadcast Newsroom System

A single computer that captures all your newswires (AP, ABC, etc.), EAS data, NOAA weather wire (free with Internet connection) and lets you sort and read or print just what you want. Built in word-processor lets you create newscasts with powerful cut and paste tools. System times out your copy so you know how much to type for a given newscast. Works with your favorite WAV editor. Sound files can be embedded in what you type and read so you can read off the screen and play your bits. Or you can print hard-copy and the system automatically plays each cut everytime you hit a button on your keyboard or button on your console (with an optional GPI).

Many other features are included - making the computer a very powerful addition to any newsroom. Add-on options include:

Multi-user Broadcast Newsroom System

With any standard windows LAN, multiple machines (and people) can work in the system at the same time. Now any story typed into the system can be used and incorporated by any other person on the LAN in their next newscast. Anything written or edited can be archived and viewed from any other computer on the network. Multiple people can access the same stories at once when necessary, and no matter which computer records or edits sound files, they can be played from any other position on the network, even at the same time.

Rundowns can be created for stations with long form anchored (or dual anchored) newscasts. In Rundown mode, one or more producers can be updating and stacking stories, which appear automatically in the main studio where they are opened and read in a controlled order by anchors.

Content Sharing Network (Public and private "In-house" wire service system)

The NewsReady system has plug and play tools that can allow multiple broadcasters to team up and create their own text, audio, picture and video networks using satellite or Internet connections. WireReady created the back-end newsroom systems for many of the state radio network newswires now operating in the US.

For web publishing, stories can contain other media such as pictures and even video. If you are looking to form your own wire service or content sharing network, consider WireReady. While other companies charge as much as $3500 per facility just for linkage software, we provide our WanReady content sharing software free with NewsReady so there is no cost barrier to sharing your valuable content. Also because NewsReady supports nonproprietary means of transport including FTP and SMTP (email) and audio can be formatted as WAV, MP3 (and others), receiving sites do not necessarily have to use WireReady to receive content.

Radio Network System

Many state, regional and national radio networks use WireReady as a newsroom system. In addition to the above benefits, WireReady can automatically generate and uplink text or audio radio networks with satellite or internet systems so that products created in the newsroom can be sent to one or more affiliates in the field. Content can be sent based on keystroke command, or automatically sent at specific times using pre-set file names which news staff are responsible for editing. The system has years of development (approaching two decades) and includes features just not found with other management systems.

Corporate Media Relations & Public Relations Department System

Many corporations now publish news that in many ways is similar to content produced by professional broadcast outlets. NewsReady is a powerful multi-media production system for generating and linking text, audio, pictures and videos and with WebReady, the system makes for a very cost-effective and simple turnkey content management system for any business.

Remote Bureaus and Remote Access System

WireReady is compatible with Windows Terminal Services, Remote Desktop & Citrix, as well as client-based remote agents like VNC, PC/Anywhere, Radmin, GOTOMYPC, LogMeIn, TeamViewer and more. One or more remote users can VPN and run virtual sessions all of a single server using Citrix or Terminal Services (sold separately) or you can dedicate one or more workstations where remote users take over with the other listed products. It is also very common to use the single-user configuration of NewsReady at multiple locations, and use our WanReady to share content between locations. Since the main site can easily push specific news (including wire services subject to your wire service agreement) to remote sites, and they can push finished material back, you can maintain a secure environment where no one is "allowed" to remote into your newsroom, while at the same time sharing content in both directions. Where direct access is preferred, any of the above solutions can be used by themselves or in concert with the single-user configuration.



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