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This program monitors applications (where mission critical functions are depended upon) and if any of those applications should be non-responsive - WRCHECK emails you a warning so you can handle the problem quickly and most efficiently.

This program can be configured to monitor the above applications (which can be configured to maintain a heartbeat file).   Should a program (where mission critical functions are depended upon) become non-responsive, this program can send you email (MAPI compatible) warnings. A 3rd party email client like MS Exchange/Server or Eudora must be used.

Note: Outlook Express does not support MAPI, and Outlook (office XP) pops a warning that makes automatic emailing useless although if Outlook is required, we can supply a utility which overrides the warning when Outlook detects us trying to send an email through it's engine. We recommend the use of a program like Eudora.

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