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This software is a small and compact program (currently less than 500K) and it contains all the executable code that drives all the push functions between the customer's host system and their web sites...

DBCAPTURE operates in two basic modes (either or both)
1. It can act as a simple FTP gateway supporting a list of corresponding IN/OUT paths, and it can support user customizable menu based web publishing functions. In the first mode of operation, you can create a list of IN paths. Anytime a file is found in an IN path, it is moved to the corresponding OUT path. IN and OUT paths can be local paths, UNC //server/path paths, or FTP paths, such as ftp:\\wireready.com\newsfolder, etc. In this fashion, DBCAPTURE can upload from your facility to one or more FTP servers, and/or download from one or more FTP servers and put files on your local system.

2. In the web publishing mode, the system has it's own custom written low level FTP functions and it contains all the template based rule functions, and audio transformation functions. A dbcapture.ini file contains nearly all user configurable attributes, and a dbfolder.dat file gives you a text based method of creating user destination choices and the template rules those destinations will use. For each destination specified in the dbfolder.dat file, you can have template files that control the look and feel of how stories, links, and other objects appear when a user pushes content to that listed destination. Templates (hidden from the users) consist of static or active code, in HTML, XML, ASP, CGI or whatever code you want dbcapture to encapsulate around the content being pushed through the system.      

DBCAPTURE also can maintain logs of everything it does and it automatically backs up any and all target pages on your web site that it's empowered to modify. These logs and backups are generally stored on the same computer running dbcapture, but the path/location for these files is definable in the dbcapture.in file.

Installation of DBCAPTURE does not involve the addition of any DLL or system modifications on the computer it's running from. It does not change the system registry. It is generally started by a shortcut in your STARTUP folder and/or a shortcut on your desktop. Once started, it is generally left minimized in the system tray of the computer.

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