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WebReady Architecture

WebReady is software which acts as an automated processing gateway which can move files between multiple locations including web sites.

In the latter case, WebReady can process the file(s) it's sending by using pre-configured templates to encapsulate all the HTML, XML, ASP, JAVA CGI or other code that must be added to the content in order for it to appear and function the way you want it to on your web site. WebReady publishes files made from other programs.

In the case of web publishing, a customer usually has a product like NewsReady where content is created and organized. This content is usually plain, simple text, that includes references to other files like soundfile.wav or it could be a picture.jpg or a link to another web site like www.wireready.com. Content need not be setup by the user to include html code, RSS tags and the like, rather that is the where DBCAPTURE comes in - automatically adding this code when the story/listing is pushed to the site. Because WebReady can service multiple users on a LAN, all published files are routed through a single directory - where the WebReady program detects and moves those files off the LAN to whereever they may need to be sent - anywhere in the world.

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