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Welcome to WireReady Tech Support

Online Tech Support is available to customers who have paid Silver, Gold, or Platinum service contracts.  Your current user id/password is good through your current service contract renewal date.  Upon renewing your service contract, you will be issued a new user id/password for online tech support.

If you have a WireReady Silver, Gold or Platinum service contract, you can call our Tech Support department at 800 833 4459. Silver customers can call Monday-Friday 9am-5pm ET excluding holidays. Gold and Platinum customers can call 24 hours a day 365 days a year. If you are an international customer or can't make 800 calls, you can call us at 785 542 2173. You can also call using SKYPE, our Skype name is wireready.support. For fastest service please call. If you have a question and are not in a rush, feel free to email us at support@wireready.com. We answer emails generally within 1 business day.

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