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WebReady software add-on - training and setup

WebReady service lets you maintain your web site with NewsReady - WITHOUT having to invest thousands of dollars a year in extra production labor or proprietary web hosting agreements with other companies

WebReady is a self contained automation program you install on just one computer in your station and it lets ANY computer in the building (even those without Internet access) single click stories, audio files, pictures even video clips to automatically maintained local news and sports, community event, station schedule, and even school closing sections on your web site.

WebReady takes all the work out of web publishing
How? Staff in the station create "plain text" stories in their NewsReady and embed audio files in those stories and listings for on-air read purposes. By clicking the WEB button on any story or listing item in the newsroom software, the user is presented with a simple fill-in-the-blank menu to type in a headline, photo caption(s), or to put in kill date or other story information. The user selects a category and clicks OK. That's it.

Your staff never has to worry about layout, fonts, colors or conversion of audio files and links
WebReady uses station-built (behind the scenes) templates to automatically font, layout, and redesign the plain text story to fit the look and feel you want for your web site. Staff need not ever do these steps manually nor will they ever have to manually upload or download files or login to your site. Best of all, WebReady automatically converts and links all your files. Your audio files are automatically converted to mp3, wma, ra or whatever you need, and staffers can type links to other web sites in plain text and WebReady will detect them and hyperlink them with the fonts, graphics and other rule sets you want.

WebReady offers true broadcast style commercials and underwriting messages without pop ups
WebReady also provides radio-specific features. The software can automatically rotate and tag your audio clips with an underwriter, a station liner, id or a promo for one of your station programs.

WebReady service
WebReady service provides a WireReady web specialist who will assist you in the creation of a completely new site - or adapt your existing web site so that it can accept content from your WireReady products. If you tell them how you want everything to look and feel, they'll create the initial templates for you. If you have someone in the station with basic HTML knowledge, that person can also be trained on how the system works so you can independently change and build out your web system as you please.

WebReady is nonproprietary, works with all web hosting companies, and does NOT make you carry 3rd party ads
Don't fall into the trap of partnering with an "on-line" web hosting company where you are beholden to them for design changes in the future. WebReady technology is compatible with all web servers: Unix, Sun, Microsoft, Linux etc. WebReady works with HTML, XML, ASP and any other static or dynamic web languages. Because we don't require any server-side proprietary software or database engines, stations who have a local web master can create all the interactive components they may want - whether they need on-line pledge systems, membership sign-ups or any other dynamic content.

Because WebReady is ROYALTY FREE - once you buy it, you can use it forever, for life without further payments.

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