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New Hardware

  • Rack mount systems run between $1295 and $3995 depending on storage (100GB-1.5TB, single drive or RAID1 or RAID5 hot swap configuration.
  • Operating system is XP Pro.
  • Monitors are sold separately.
  • We use INTEL brand motherboards and chip sets, currently Pentium 4 3Ghz and faster with 1024MB of RAM unless configured differently at customer's option.
  • Computers come with a 1 year warranty and a 3 year extended warranty is available as an option.
  • If a rack system is not required, the same components can be built in a standard full tower case which saves $100 off the cost of the system.
  • RAID 1 hot-swap mirror cages (if ordered) occupies both the 5.25" bays shown in the picture.
  • RAID 5 uses a vertical 3 drive SATA cage that occupies both bays and internal RAID 1 SATA drives are used for the operating system.
  • Rack dimensions are approximately 19.5" deep, 7" high and 17" wide (standard rack width).
  • Each year we generally change our model to a later chipset. We will be shipping the Intel 965 mobo chipset beginning on Nov 1 2006 and into 2007.


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