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Logic - logic - logic

For you engineers out there - playlists can contain traffic independent commands that correct problems before they happen.

Playlists can include BE HERE AT, IF TIME, and IF DAY, DATE type logic that can make the system automatically catch up if someone screws up, insert or take away programming, or kick in and do something special on a day or a date in the future. To get a real sense of how many commands are within your reach call and schedule and online demo. And remember, not one of our functions is a chargeable option.

The other companies can charge $101, $500 or $1000 every time they support something new, but with ControlReady, every time we add a new capability - that's included in the free upgrades we make available from our web site for any station who has recently bought a basic technical support agreement and many stations pay us just $495/year - and not every year in a row. There's no penalty if you skip a year or two, and suddenly buy a little tech support just to get our latest and best version.

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