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Autofilling and one of the most powerful rotation systems available is built-in and free!

If your traffic system makes you jump through hoops to handle complicated advertiser flights, relax. ControlReady allows production staff to create rotations which consist of a list of audio names that rotate, but not just top to bottom and in a loop. Rather, individual audio files can have start time and dates, and stop time and dates. BUT... within those ranges, you can select the exact days and exact HOURS of the day they are allowed to play - as in full 7x24 grid capability.

Now the next time an advertising flight has multiple cuts, some airing in the morning and some in the afternoon but just Tuesday and Friday, and the advertiser is constantly giving you new versions to add long after the flight's been scheduled - have no fear. All of this bother can be managed in the automation system. Just keep one simple traffic name/number and bill the advertiser for the units. Our confirmation system can display both the rotation name and the individual file name if there is ever a question of doubt what aired and when.

Auto filling is based on using rotations. For example, for commercial breaks you can have a folder for each radio station that has a 60 second rotator, a 30 second rotator, and rotators for 29 down to 1 second. In this fashion, our system will not only stuff the breaks when you import so you can see what will play, but it will take a second look RIGHT before the break plays. In this fashion, if someone deleted or changed something after, the system can still add something if it has to. If you do satellite and have a lot of mandatory breaks to cover, especially at night - this is a major time saver.

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