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Traffic and music interfacing and autoreconciliation is free and doesn't require external merging

Who says inexpensive automation can't talk to your traffic and music scheduling system? For years - ControlReady's universal import engine lets you tune the software to receive any columnar or CSV input from any music or traffic system.

All we need are the cut names/numbers and we can import a schedule. If cuts contain air times - even better. Other description info is nice but not necessary. Our import engine is simple and fast. You can pull up a playlist on the air system (or any other computer if you are on a LAN) import the traffic, and import the music (if you are a music on HD user) separately, and watch our system do the merge instantly. Our system can be configured whether or not to allow out of date cuts or missing cuts to be scheduled, and we always pop a simple to read (and save or print) receipt showing any breaks that have errors and we list out of date or missing selections (they also show with warnings on the schedule until they are corrected).

Autoreconciliation is a bit new, especially in smaller markets, but WireReady already supports Visual Traffic (VT's) autorecon format and we will soon support several others.

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