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The 10 deck On-air Live Assist program

While audio is playing - the timer in the upper center of the screen will show the time ldft for all files that are to play.

Description of the On-Air screen:
The On-Air screen has 10 decks, represented by long rectangles, and corresponding squares numbered 1 though 0 (where 0 represents 10). The deck has sections for the name (N: ) the description (D: ) the rotation name (R: ) the timer and the status (Ejected, Loaded, Played, Playing, Paused, Stopped or Stacked order). When an audio file is playing, the timer within that deck will show the time remaining in that audio file. At all other times, the timer will show the length of the loaded audio file.

The active deck will have a yellow border around it, and the number for that deck will be yellow. Some keystrokes work on the active deck only. You can use the arrow keys on the keyboard to scroll through the decks. The On-Air screen (also called the 10-deck) can be found by simply clicking the yellow On-Air button across the top of the WireReady software window. In the DOS version, this was called the Live Assist Screen. The On-Air screen has 10 decks. You can play any or all of the decks back-to-back. The timer is displayed using extra large numbers, making it easy to tell how much time you have left. This user's guide will show you how to get the most out of these easy-to-use and powerful live-assist screens.

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