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Many people do not realize that ControlReady runs many of the largest news/talk radio networks in the country. If our software is powerful enough for the actual radio network - handling even the most complex

A single computer if equipped with enough sound channels can automatically record up to 8 simultaneous streams. You can scale with more than one computer if you need more than that. Broadcast Tools switchers can be used to provide routing when you want to record multiple programs at different times through the same audio input(s).   

Recording can be time based, or closure-based, or a combination of the two. WireReady closure trigger commands support not only time windows, but what-if's that branch the system into various paths if something expected doesn't happen. The software can "CHECK" completed recordings for accuracy and email you or throw a closure or spit data out a com port if something is wrong. The software can generate logic so that if 2 computers are recording the same thing, you'll always get your program even if one computer didn't do its job.

Segmented recording is easy, and of course we time warp too. If you're a music station who needs to catch a top of the hour newscast but don't want to figure out how to back-time your music, our system can play the newscast back even while it's still being recorded off the satellite.

While we record and play in WAV - if you need to use us for logging, or web site publishing, the same record playlists can be programmed to automatically convert recordings to multiple compressed formats (wma, mp3, mp2 RA etc) and send them to servers, FTP sites even your web site. The system will record to local drives and/or network drives.     

Logging is extensive, and every single step in the playlists can be written to a file so your engineer can always see what did or didn't happen as expected. WireReady is superior to systems that provide a limited number of VCR like programming screens. WireReady lets you build record logs in the same way you build playlists that play your audio and there lies the power of ControlReady.

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