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Sound cards - Multiple play - record - overlap - we have you covered

WireReady will play and record with anything. From on-board ports to Soundblasters to professional models like Lynx - ASI - Antex - Echo and Digigram - any brand or model will work.

WireReady software's screens often support 3 or more device mappings for triple overlapping (our live-assist screen has 8 possible tracks) and we can simultaneously record up to 8 different programs at the same time.

For example, our automation system can map 1, 2 or even 3 cards for overlap applications and voice tracking. The voice tracker can also be mapped to separate play and record channels if you plan to voice track while the same computer is playing on the air. In addition, there's an audition channel in our live assist screen, and another three possible mappable outputs for effects and stingers.

There are 8 automation decks, each capable of auto recording through a separate device. And on top of that, there are cart machine screens and a word-processor that lets you fire news cuts which are all separately mappable. In most cases, these screens share common audio devices for on-air, but how many devices/channel you install in your computer and how you map our routed outputs and inputs is completely up to you.

In layman's terms what does this mean? How about the ability to background record several things at once, while playing, and overlapping on the air, all while you voice track a session, hearing the overlap while you record your voice all on the same computer? If the computer is fast enough, there's nothing in our software or license terms preventing this type of use. On the other hand, if all your computer needs to do is play one thing at a time, one simple soundcard will fit the bill nicely.

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