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ControlReady works on your hardware - or ours

WireReady will run on literally any hardware you supply - Intel or AMD - Win2000 and beyond. Whether it's brand name or your own hand-built model - we'll support it. We of course also sell our own premium line of super machines in rack mount or tower configurations.

WireReady makes some of the best rack mount or full tower computers in the business. If you need a rack mount system or need specialized solutions like HOT SWAP RAID array storage (for redundancy), consider our ready-to-use rack mount systems that come standard with 300GB or more of redundant storage, 3Ghz processors and atleast 1GB of RAM.

On the other hand, WireReady's software developers code our software for even the slowest computers. While we recommend 1Ghz or faster for Win2000/XP and beyond, we have stations running pretty demanding playlists even on P3 500Mhz machines with as little as 128MB of RAM. Needless to say, the majority of our customers do very well with store bought and mail order brands like DELL who often sell fine hardware for under $500 a box.

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