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ControlReady is friendlly with MPEG formats too

If you need to accept mpeg files or make mpeg files for sharing with other stations - web sites - or feeding 3rd parties - WireReady has built-in compression and decompression tools that - in automatic mode - don't require a single keystroke from your staff coming or going into the system.

While WireReady records, stores and plays WAV files, we can import, and export to and from common MPEG formats. WireReady includes tools for automatic detection and conversion (no operator steps required) of mpeg files the minute they make it into your system via LAN, CD, DVD, or the Internet.

WireReady also has built in functions and can automatically web publish, FTP or email audio files as mpeg files. WireReady uses the standard windows multi-media "ACM" audio codec manager system present in all 2000/XP and beyond operating systems. Most windows systems have free Mp3 codecs built in. For Mp2, you can purchase your favorite codec, for example, QDESIGN's ACM Mpeg2 codec www.qdesign.com for $149.

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