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Voicetracking and overlapping - we do that too

WireReady has a very simple voice track module built into the software and it's free. It's as easy as hitting 1 - 2 - 3 - 4.

The voice track screen will show any previous song or program element on the left, your voice in the middle, and whatever follows it on the right. Music which has preset intro/outro times act as guidance and drive helper timers to help you know when to start or stop your voice track. You hit 1 to roll the end of the first item, hit 2 to start your voice, 3 to start the next item, and 4 to stop your voice.
NON-DESTRUCTIVELY, your track is given overrides which force the automation system to play it back exactly as you rolled it. The screen lets you manually change the timings with the keyboard and you can audition what you've done. The tracker has a NEXT button so that if your log already has all your track files scheduled, you can literally zip from one place in the log to the next with a single click of the mouse. You can do this on production or you can do it on the air computer if it's equipped with both an onair playback card and voicetrack/audition card. It's also possible to use the voice tracker to do dry records or insert voices when you have no need for overlapping with anything.

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