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Live tags - copy and news - no one does it better

WireReady is one of the largest newsroom system developers in the world - bar none. If you read copy on the air or have a lot of live-read tags on commercials - why not have an automation system that is "one" with the news system all on one screen.

Live-copy for commercials is typed directly into the sound cut by your production people or anyone who needs to. When an audio file has live copy to read, that tagged information automatically displays in that large text box in the upper right hand of the live-assist screen. In this fashion, jocks can read information about music, and hosts can tag commercials without a shred of paper in the booth.

WireReady is the ONLY manufacturer in the world where all news functions are in the same executable program as the automation/live assist screen. Other vendors are literally selling separate newsroom programs from Canada, Australia and other far off places and calling that integrated. They are great news systems, but they are separate. With WireReady you get true integration. How? Board ops and hosts can see wire copy in the same screen/program - headlines not only flash on the bottom of the live-assist screen, but wire service alerts come into view in the upper right hand text box you see. News personnel and producers can
feed locally written stories as alerts to appear instantly in the booth. Try that with two separate programs from two different companies in two different countries. It might be possible, but no one makes it as easy as we do.

What about live-read copy? WireReady has a true built-in word-processing and file archiving system that makes it easy for personnel to pull up pre-written newscasts, psas and other read information that has sound cuts built into the copy so individual elements or news cuts can be played without complicating your log and driving your traffic person crazy.

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