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Live Assist or Walk Away - ControlReady gives you best of both worlds

ControlReady has always had one of the most "engineer and PD friendly" log based schedule screens in the business. But now our windows version also has one of the sexiest - simple to use and POWERFUL news/talk and music live assist screens in the business.

Developed last year for a major market NYC radio station and national radio network, WireReady added a virtual live assist/radio console surface ON TOP of it's highly regarded log based automation. You can now toggle between the raw log and live-assist view with a single click of the mouse or keyboard.

A picture is worth a million words, but here's a brief overview:
On the left, the screen shows the next 9 elements up from the log. You can start, stop, pause the automation, dump the current item and jump to the next, and shift it between automatic and manual mode. In manual mode, it steps one at a time and waits for you to hit the next key. You can also scroll historically or in the future, and of course, we support full drag and drop, and right click editing for quick drop-ins.

The timers not only show the current event count down, but counts down the current music or commercial break so you know how much time is in that set. On the right you have our very powerful instant replay system. Every jock or personality can have up to 1000 pages of pre-saved panels of audio. These are triple overlap enabled (like automation) so you can get quite fancy in the air.

The "AUDITION" button on the right lets you audition anything in automation or the instant replay channel in your headphones. Here too you can drag and drop and right click insert or move cuts around the screen. The MACRO lets you drop cues, closures and other non play items in the log too. All of these buttons and functions can be brought out to remote starts using a broadcast tools interface. There is a remote trigger for virtually every button/function on the screen.   Every feature also has a keyboard shortcut and you can design your own macro/keyboard. We also sell a fantastic mini keyboard that is setup very similar to the screen and it's only $199.

Because the live-assist rides on top of the automation, it has all the benefits of automation in terms of interfacing with traffic, logs and all the other mentioned benefits. And for stations that come in and out of automated times, nothing is as simple as a live-assist that assists the actual automation. ControlReady has separate "Cart machine" like screens for true manual "free form" playback, but when you want your board ops to work off a log and not have difficulty stopping or resuming automation, this is the ultimate system. The instant replay system is multi-user capable. If your producer logs in with the same name - they can change buttons and not only prepare screens for the host, but change the buttons the host is looking at.

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