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We don't charge extra for labeling software

Some companies charge you for labelling and trim and conversion software - WireReady provides a free labeller.

Unlike other automation companies - we provide our LABELER software for free. You can give it to agencies, friends and other companies so they can label the WAV files before they send themto you (most programs that compress WAV to MP3 preserve the INFO chunk). If we have to accept MP3 files via FTP sites, web sites or off CDs, we won't lose that info. Either way - you can throw raw MP3 or MP2 files into our system without jumping in any hoops, and if you have a regular person outside the station who wants to prepare and send you MP3 files, they can even label them as WAV files before they compress and send them to you.

Because our automation system is a standard WAV file system - our Lableller is just a simple program that lets someone who doesn't have WireReady open their audio file and inject commonly used broadcast infomration like start/stop dates, descriptions, outcues, intro/outro times and types, tags (on-air mentions), comments, iscii codes - you name it, you can label it.

Most people these days use audio editors like Audition, GoldWave, CoolEdit, SoundForge, Pro Tools and others which have no program making WAV files. Withour labeller, they can label the file before they send it to the station. Labels in our system are optional so this isn't required.

Because our WAV file compatibility allows poeple to directly produce audio for our system in 3rd party software programs without conversion, there is no need to trim files - because they can trim in their editor. There is no conversion because we're WAV compatible.

As we've mentioned in other articles - if they compress to MP3 because they are sending you their work over the Internet - we have facilities built into the automation so it can decompress the file when it's received back to WAV without operators having to get their hands dirty and most compressors will preserver any labelled information.

WRLABELLER is included with ControlReady and if you don't have it, you can obtain it from our web site. If you are a 3rd party producer or advertising agency - contact your radio station client/employer and they can obtain a copy of this WAV labelling software for you. If you are a 3rd party who is tired of having to hand-convert WAV files to and from MPEG formats - consider buying our MPEGReady product. You can literally setup folders on your computer or LAN that just automatically convert from WAV and MP3 simply by saving your work to specific locations on your drive. How can it get any easier than that?

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