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ControlReady for Windows Software

ControlReady software is available for the following prices (as of 10/15/2012):

Non Broadcast Academic/home use copies/DJ   $795.00
Highschool Broadcasting$1495.00
LPFM Broadcasting$1495.00
Internet Radio Station$1495.00
Student College/University Broadcasting$1795.00
Public Radio FM$2995.00
Small Market AM/FM, non-profit, religious, $1995.00
Radio Network$3995.00
Major Market (Top 100)$3995.00

1 year of Silver support and upgrades with telephone/Internet remote setup and training packages start as low as $500. The minimum $500 setup fee/year of support fee may be required if you are a new customer or need setup of your clocks, traffic interface, satellite gear or training. When purchased even with our basic Silver Support plan, you receive TURNKEY remote setup and training, we will set everything up your clocks, schedules, production traffic and music scheduling interfaces to your 3rd party production music and traffic systems, RDS, satellite/switcher interfaces, ballgame remote schedules, music library preparation help, training on features/usage, network settings, basically anything and everything related to the use of our software without any time limits on the amount of help you receive from our staff during weekday business ET non-holiday hours.

24/7 support and on-site in-person setup and training is also available and the additional cost for 24/7 or on-site assistance can be quoted based on your needs. Software price includes 1 copy of the software for one machine. If your facility has multiple AM/FM HD or internet radio stations, we offer discounts on licensing the software for additional studios and prices start as low as $995 per additional licensed radio station studio air system. A second copy of the software for production and backup can be purchased for as low as $495 per additional computer. This applies to any additional computers you wish to LAN to the air machine for news, sports, production or backup. We also offer site unlimited licensing for as low as $4995 and higher depending on market size. ControlReady includes our news and sports production features for additional licensed machines (see NewsReady and Clip-It). A production computer can run as an emergency on air system and automatically backup the main computer. You can also install your favorite 3rd party editing software on the production and other computer(s). Discounts are available for purchasing for multiple studios, multiple stations and groups, and site licensing (unlimited usage) is also available. Prices subject to change. With a software license, all you need is a computer, sound cards, and/or a switcher if you will be automating any satellite networks. Also check out our Complete Systems page if you would like a turnkey ready to use system out of the box.

We also sell a full line of hardware peripherals including sound cards, switchers, and GPI controllers, as well as professionally built RAID redundant audio playout workstations.

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